Vehicle Specific Parts

Billet firewall mounting block for 55pin MILSPEC connector suit 60mm hole Toyota

Billet adaptor to mount 55 pin Deutsch connector where your engine loom comes through the firewall for quick and easy engine removal. No... More 

Hilux diff Disc Brake Conversion Billet Caliper Bracket to suit R33 twin piston

1 pair of Billet steel brake capiler brackets to fit R33 Skyline rear calipers onto a Hilux diff using MA70 Supra rotors. This is a fantastic Disc... More 

R33 RB2530 Solid Engine Mounts -30mm drop

To suit RB2530 engine builds in R33 Skylines, these mounts will drop your engine 30mm lower than the stock R33 mounts to improve clearance and keep... More 

Ducati Monster Billet Battery Box

CODE: dbbb

$180   $170

Billet battery box to suit all carbed Ducati Monsters from 1994-2003 400/600/750/900cc. May fit other Ducati models, contact us for more information.... More 

RB30 Distributor Cap Delete Blanking Cover for CPS

CODE: rbcps

$110   $99

This billet alloy blanking covers deletes the distributor cap on the RB30 engine. This allows the distributor to run as a CPS only as an input for your... More 

Rear Hub Spherical Bearing

CODE: MX83Sbear


Rear Hub Spherical Bearings Suits Toyota Cressida MX83/JZX81/GX81 Cresta/Chaser/Mark II These precision bearings and parts replace the rear... More 

7M Aux Shaft Retention Plate Needle Roller Bearing

CODE: 7MAuxShaft


  Needle Roller Bearing Aux Shaft Plate Suits Toyota Cressida MX83/JZX81/GX81 Cresta/Chaser/Mark II Toyota Supra MA70 with 7MGE/GTE... More 

7M TDC Pointers

CODE: 7MPoint


Stylish TDC Cam Gear Pointer Kit Suits Toyota Cressida MX83/JZX81/GX81 Cresta/Chaser/Mark II with 7M Engines FREE EXPRESS POST These... More 

7M Idle Speed Motor Delete Kit



Idle Speed Motor Delete Kit Suits Toyota Cressida MX83/JZX81/GX81 Cresta/Chaser/Mark II with 7M Engine FREE EXPRESS POST This kit... More 

7M Engine Cam Cover Bolt Set

CODE: 7MRockerBolt


This set of 12 socket head bolts and nylon washers replaces the factory cam cover bolts which become loose causing oil leaks. Easy to install in a few... More 

7M Head Gasket (OEM)

CODE: hgoem


Brand new replacement head gasket for 7m-ge and 7m-gte. Dont risk having to do the job again by using a cheap gasket! Some of the worst ones only last a few... More 

RB30 Adjustable Cam Gear

CODE: cgrb


Technico Adjustable Cam Gears are designed as a direct replacement for factory gear allowing fine tuning of the camshaft timing to maximize engine performance and tailor power characteristics of your engine to your needs. Especially for use with an aftermarket cam that have more lift and aggressive duration that need to be dialed in for optimum performance.

Stock cam timing is a compromise and not the most effective for making power. Technico Adjustable Cam Gears are designed to be used with either the stock or a high lift cam to customise the performance curve of your engine. Allowing you tune your engine for the optimum power band whether you are looking for outright power, low down torque, more flexible mid-range or reduced spool time on turbo engines.

Technico Adjustable Cam Gears are precision engineered to meet the most demanding conditions and high horsepower engines. They have a billet aluminium centre and steel outer tooth wheel for strength and durability.