Technico 7m cam gear single

7M Adjustable Cam Gears

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Technico Adjustable Cam Gears are a Must Have for your


high performance or modified 7M Turbo or Non-Turbo engine.



Essential for engines with forced induction, high compression and/or big cams.

Also, ideal to increase horsepower and torque without having to change the camshaft by tuning your cam for the optimum power band.

Can also be used to compensate for excess cam belt length where the head or block has been decked.

Technico Adjustable Cam Gears are designed as a direct replacement for factory gear allowing fine tuning of the camshaft timing to maximize engine performance and tailor power characteristics of your engine to your needs. Especially for use with aftermarket cams that have more lift and aggressive duration that need to be dialled in for optimum performance.

Stock cam timing is a compromise and not the most effective for making power. Technico Adjustable Cam Gears are designed to be used with either the stock or high lift cams to customise the performance curve of your engine. Allowing you tune your engine for the optimum power band whether you are looking for outright power, low down torque, more flexible mid-range or reduced spool time on turbo engines.

Technico Adjustable Cam Gears are precision engineered to meet the most demanding conditions and high horsepower engines. They have a billet aluminium centre and steel outer tooth wheel for strength and durability.

The centre part is CNC machined from billet aluminium centre, and unlike all-aluminium gears (even those anodised and hardened, which wear the sprocket teeth quickly) Technico Vernier Adjustable Cam Gears have an Australian precision remanufactured OEM long life steel tooth sprocket for low wear and won’t damage the belt.

Worn tooth surface on "high quality" brand name aftermarket cam gears

Designed to be durable and handle high horse power without slipping Technico Vernier Adjustable Cam Gears have a five point positive locking system that utilizes Grade 12.8 bolts (the highest grade) and super strong Helicoil thread inserts for security even on high RPM and high power engines. We don’t use stainless bolts that stretch and become loose.

The Billet Alloy centres are CNC machined from high grade aluminium to precision tolerance and allow a total of 30° of adjustment (15° Advance, 15° Retard). The centre is engraved with an indexed vernier scale at 2° intervals and directional markers for Advance (A) and Retard (R) for precise adjustment.

Finished in combination machined and burnished aluminium with a bright zinc plated sprocket they look fantastic on your engine.

Features of Technico Adjustable Cam Gears:

¤ More Power and Torque where You Want It

¤ Reduced Spool Time for Turbos

¤ Super Tough

¤ Designed for High Horsepower & High RPM

¤ Ultra-High Tensile Bolts

¤ Made in Australia

¤ Precision Engineered

¤ Billet Alloy Construction

¤ Indexed Vernier Scale

¤ Can be used with OEM or Aftermarket Camshafts

¤ 30° of Adjustment (0±15°)

¤ Directional markers for Advance and Retard

¤ Long Life Steel Toothed Sprocket

¤ Easy Installation

¤ Great Looking

¤ Fantastic Value

You are buying a pair (2) brand new Technico Adjustable Cam Gears that are a direct replacement for the OEM part.

Don’t pay lots more elsewhe for these hard to get cam gears, buy these fantastic, Australian made cam gears direct and save.

Suits 7m-ge and 7m-gte