7M Reconditioned Cylinder Head

7M Reconditioned Cylinder Head

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Got a 7m with a Blown Head Gasket? After repeated overheating the 7m head anneals and becomes soft, as well as having issues with warpage which cause the gasket to blow again shortly after it is changed. Poor surface finish from an average machine shop will also make it difficult for the new gasket to seal.

These heads are fully reconditioned with better than factory finish and additional coolant drain to assist with preventing BHG.


All heads undergo the following work:

  • Chemical Clean
  • Full head inspection -Hardness test, crack test, straightness test and all threads checked
  • Surfaced to mirror finish
  • CNC 3-angle valve cut
  • Cams clearanced to factory spec
  • Additional coolant drain for BHG prevention
  • New valve stem seals and cam seals
  • Supplied with upgraded cam cover bolts and shakeproof washers to allow correct torque to be maintained and prevent oil leaks


Head is supplied complete and assembled with valves and cams, reuse your existing cam gears, rocker covers, manifolds, brackets etc

Additional options are adjustable cam gears,  custom profile 268 degree or 280 degree cams, shim under bucket conversion and stainless exhaust studs.



Please contact us for a freight quote.

Melboure buyers please contact us at technico@live.com.au for drive in-drive out fitting.

We have been building 7m's for 10 years now and once a blown head gasket is fixed properly it stays fixed giving you years of faithful service and trouble-free motoring from your 7m.

We also offer full builds from mild to wild in excess of 8000rpm, on a changeover basis if necessary.