R33 Brake Upgrade Hubcentric Rings

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Suits all x8 Chassis cars


These precision engineered Hubcentric Rings are essential when upgrading Cressida brakes to the potent R33/BA 4 piston/300mm rotor combo.


Without high precision Hubcentric Rings the new rotor won’t centre on the hub resulting in vibrations and shuddering in the front end.


Hubcentric Rings are an essential part of any brake upgrade.


Cheap import Hubcentric Rings are not a precision fit and can cause imbalance in the front end. Some are even poorly made loose fitting plastic which can melt in high brake temperatures.


These rings are made to an absolute precision fit on the hub and eliminate any wiggle or slop between the hub and rotor allowing for correct location of the rotor on the hub.


Please note that these are a very accurate fit on both the hub and rotor. Both the hub and rotor must be clean and free of rust, dirt or other debris. The rotor and hub should be cleaned with sandpaper before installation to ensure the correct fit.


Precision machined from Billet Aluminium to exacting tolerances.


¤ An Essential Part of Your Brake Upgrade


¤ Made in Australia


¤ Precision Engineered


¤ Billet Alloy


¤ Easy Installation


You are buying a pair (2) Hubcentric rings to suit the front brake upgrade for an MX83 Cressida.


Don’t get cheap imported or plastic Hubcentric rings that will cause problems. Buy these absolute precision fit Australian made Hubcentric rings and do it right!