Twin Swaybar Brackets MX83

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Series 1 - 14mm/Series 2 - 10mm

Suits MX83 Cressida JZX81/GX81 Chaser/MarkII/Cresta


These brackets allow you to run twin rear sway bars on your Cressida giving twice as much stiffness and greatly reducing body roll and more predictable handling.


The twin sway bar system greatly reduces the factory understeer and makes the car more controllable in both wet and dry conditions. Traction and handling is greatly improved giving much more confidence in the car’s abilities allowing you to fully exploit the cars excellent chassis dynamics and reduce the boat like handling.


Twin rear sway bars significantly improve control of the rear end and remove the floating feeling giving the car a more precision feel through corners, without sacrificing ride quality.


These precision engineered, Australian made brackets are designed for easy fitment with normal tools in less than an hour.


This is the best, easiest and a low cost

handling upgrade for any Cressida, Mark II, Chaser or Cresta.



This is the first suspension upgrade you should do!




¤ Easy to fit


¤ Great Value Handling Upgrade


¤ Reduced Understeer


¤ Improved Traction


¤ Better Control


¤ Australian Made


¤ Precision Engineered Parts


¤ High Tensile Bolts


¤ Great for Sliding




When ordering please specify which size sway bars you have:


Series 1 MX83 (1989-1990) is 14mm


Series 2 MX83 (1991-1993) is 10mm.


JZX81 & GX81 Please measure as there are different sizes.


Brackets are also available in 10/14mm combination by request.


You are buying a set of 4 twin sway bar brackets including new high tensile bolts. Please note that the second sway bar is not included (these are readily available at low cost second hand or from a wrecker).


Buy this great, Australian made twin sway bar set and


significantly improve the handling and control of your Cressida.