MX83/JZX81 Solid Subframe Bushes

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Suits Toyota Cressida MX83/JZX81/GX81 Cresta/Chaser/Mark II


Together with our solid diff bushes these will make your Cressida feel like a race car with the tightest possible rear end.


Essential for control of the sloppy rear end in your high performance Cressida.


The stock rubber bushes wear and allow excessive movement of the body on the subframe.  This solid bush set prevents subframe movement while under power or cornering, giving your Cressida more predictable handling, reduced understeer and a more controllable car in both wet and dry conditions.


This solid subframe bush set control torque from the engine to the rear wheels by stiffening up the mounting of the entire rear suspension assembly, limiting its movement. This increases the transmission of power to the rear wheels. It also significantly improves handling, because less movement means less weight shift and transfer.


Traction and handling is greatly improved giving much more confidence in the car’s abilities allowing you to fully exploit the car’s excellent chassis dynamics and reduce the boat like handling, giving the car a more precision feel through corners.


These precision made billet steel bushes are an exact fit into the subframe, allowing for easy installation, and may be welded for additional security. Note if your car is bent in any way you may need to make small adjustments.




An essential upgrade for any high performance Cressida, Mark II, Chaser or Cresta.




¤ Rear End Handling Upgrade


¤ Reduced Understeer


¤ Soild Rear End Feel


¤ Improved Traction


¤ Better Control


¤ Australian Made


¤ Precision Engineered Parts


¤ Great for Sliding


Please note that these bushes provide no isolation, may cause an increase in vibration (NVH) and increased stress to chassis components. Use at own discretion.


You are buying a subframe bush set consisting of 8 billet alloy subframe bushes.


Buy this tough Australian made subframe bush set and significantly improve the stability of the rear end of your Cressida.