7M Aux Shaft Retention Plate Needle Roller Bearing

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Needle Roller Bearing Aux Shaft Plate
Suits Toyota Cressida MX83/JZX81/GX81 Cresta/Chaser/Mark II

Toyota Supra MA70 with 7MGE/GTE Engines


This auxiliary shaft needle bearing retention plate is an absolute must for high reving, high performance and turbo charged engines.

The factory retaining plate and shaft runs steel on steel with little or no lubrication resulting in a broken auxiliary shaft from excess friction and heat.

This retention plate is machined to precision tolerances and fitted with high quality Japanese made needle bearings which significantly reduces friction, allowing the engine to run smoother and easier at high RPM or under load.

The needle bearing runs on ground and hardened outer races to ensure wear free operation.


● Essential for High Performance Engines

Less Friction

● High Quality Japanese Bearings

Australian Made

Precision Engineered Parts

You are buying an auxiliary shaft needle bearing retention plate and bearing comprising of the retention plate, needle roller bearing and two bearing races.