R32 Solid Engine Mounts

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Suits all R32 Skyline with the RB20 series engines, turbo or non-turbo.


These solid billet alloy engine mounts are made from billet alloy by renowned race tuner Technico Automotive Components reduce driveline flex and power loss through flexing of rubber engine mounts and a must for high power engines which may break stock rubber mounts.


These are a precision engineered item, a direct replacement for the OEM part. Supplied complete with high tensile locking hardware (stainless Helicoil thread inserts are used in the aluminium for maximum strength).


These mounts give a much more solid feel on the road, with improved throttle response as the power goes straight to the wheels instead of being absorbed by soft rubber mounts.


These high performance engine mounts control torque by stiffening up the engine which increases the transmission of horsepower to the rear wheels.


These Technico billet alloy solid mounts give greater road feel and a more responsive drive. Also they significantly improve handling because less movement of the engine means less weight shift and transfer.




Ideal for high horsepower, drift, drag, track and competition


¤ Billet Alloy


¤ Ultra High Tensile Bolts


¤ New High Tensile Flange Nuts Included


¤ Competition Proven


¤ Precision engineered


¤ Made in Australia


¤ A Must for Very High Power Engines


¤ Easy Installation


¤ Direct replacement for the OEM engine mounts


Please Note: Solid engine mounts will cause an increase in vibration (NVH) as well as increased stress on chassis components. Use at own discretion.


You are buying 2 Brand New Billet Alloy Solid Engine Mounts, left and right side (interchangeable).