RB30 Distributor Cap Delete Blanking Cover for CPS

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This billet alloy blanking covers deletes the distributor cap on the RB30 engine. This allows the distributor to run as a CPS only as an input for your aftermarket ECU which will control the individual coils itself in either full sequential or waste spark mode. Once the ECU is controlling spark there is no need for the distributor cap or rotor button to stay in place so they can be deleted to clean up the engine bay and free up some room. Very slim. sticks out less than half an inch from the distributor body!

Retains the stock sensor as they are highly accurate and reliable. If you are already running an aftermarket ECU there is no need to modify or calibrate any trigger settings. Will not work unless you have an aftermarket ECU such as haltech, motec, megasquirt, microtech, adaptronic, EMS, link, autronic, wolf etc

If you are converting your RB30 to coil packs this is the only way to go!

  • Suits VLTurbo and R31 Skyline
  • Perfectly suited to LS1 coil conversion (coils not included)
  • CNC machined from high grade billet aluminium
  • 100% Australian designed and made