Nissan 6" Dildo Shifter

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Suits Nissan manuals and other cars with M10 x 1.25 thread pitch.

The Ultimate JDM accessory for your import.

6 Inch Dildo Shifter


Statistically average, the 6” shifter has nothing to be ashamed about and is a more universally accepted size than our 4” or 8” knobs.


Suitable for boxes of all shapes and sizes, this 6” dildo shifter also fits perfectly in one hand for solo shifting fun. Maintaining the same girth and ribbing as our 4 & 8” knobs, maximum shifting pleasure is guaranteed every time.



 ¤ Fits perfectly in one hand

¤ Fantastic Looking

¤ Great to Use

¤ Punch Through Shifts

¤ Ease Clunky Shifting with 250 Grams of Shifting Power

¤ Easy to Install

¤ The Ultimate JDM Accessory

¤ Lightly Ribbed for Pleasure

¤ Proudly Australian Made

You are buying a 6 inch long Billet Alloy Shifter Knob that suits most Nissans and other cars with an M10 x 1.25 thread pitch gear lever. Does not suit S15, please see other listing.


Please contact us for other sizes, available to special order.