Chevrolet Corvette C5 C6 (1997-2013)



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Technico Torque Master V-Series

Awesome High Performance Engine Mounts

Pair (2) for:

Chevy Corvette C5 1997 - 2004, 5.7 (LS6)

Chevy Corvette C6 2005 - 2013, 6.0, 6.2, 7.0 (inc. Z06 & ZR1)

Get these awesome motor mounts landed anywhere worldwide for around US$240 per pair!

Exceptional Value!

           Absolutely Unbreakable!

           More Than 10 Times Stronger

           Rated and Tested for >2,000 BHP

           Half the Weight

           Excellent Vibration Suppression

           Significantly Improved Handling

           Highly Durable

           Long Life

           Can be Rebuilt

           Awesome Engine Mounts

           Perfect for Daily Driver

           Great for Track Use

           Precision Engineered

           Impressive Quality

           Outstanding Value

           Australian Designed and Made

           Easy Installation

Torque Master V-Series High Performance Engine Mounts are a great upgrade for your daily driver, high performance or competition car. They are ideal if you want high performance engine mounts without the harshness and vibration of poly bushed engine mounts.

They handle big horsepower, mountains of torque and loads of boost, if you've got it. Smooth, quiet and have excellent vibration suppression.

Precision engineered from billet alloy with a Patented, fail safe, absolutely unbreakable design. They provide unparalleled levels of performance and are exceptionally smooth. The damping element completely isolates the engine from the chassis, resulting in excellent vibration suppression at idle, transition and throughout the entire rev range.

Factory engine mounts allow excessive movement and are prone to breakage. Torque Master V-Series engine mounts are a perfect replacement for soft, leaking or broken engine mounts that are robbing power, causing knocking, vibrations and soggy handling.

They are designed, rated and tested for more than 2,000 BHP, and built to last. With an industrial quality isolator and billet alloy construction they are highly durable giving many, many years of service even in the most extreme applications. They can easily be rebuilt at a fraction of the cost of factory engine mounts.

In addition to their durability, the V-Series will significantly improve both the handling and road feel of your car. The design restricts the lift and yaw of the engine under acceleration, braking and cornering giving greater traction, enhanced power delivery and significantly improved handling. Less movement of the engine means less weight shift and transfer resulting in a more responsive drive, more predictable handling and sharper turn characteristics.

Although designed and engineered for road cars they equally suitable for track, drag or competition applications and are around half the weight of the factory mounts.


All Torque Master engine mounts are made to the highest standards, from the best parts and materials in Australia and around the world; - they are built to last. Proudly designed, developed, tested and made in Australia.