Disc Brake upgrade for Hilux 4wd 1978-2005 4x4 Disc brake conversion FULL KIT

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Technico Disc Brake Conversion (Prado upgrade)

Toyota Hilux 4x4 1978-2005

Don’t put up with your tired old drum brakes anymore!

Technico’s Rear Disc Brake Upgrade Kit is now available for Toyota Hilux 4WDs 1978-2005. Suits both petrol and diesel models. Does not suit 2wd vehicles.

We are pleased to offer this no compromise rear disc brake upgrade kit for the Hilux 4x4s. 

The kit offers the ultimate in braking performance; with the stopping power of rear discs and the holding muscle of a drum handbrake for uncompromised highway, off road and towing performance.


The conversion uses off-the-shelf 90 series Prado components, custom CNC machined caliper brackets and backing plates. Huge 312 mm diameter vented rotors coupled with 48 mm caliper pistons give heavy duty stopping power. They have excellent leverage over the wheel and the vented rotors maximize surface area for fast heat dissipation in all conditions. The Prado drum handbrake mechanism has been retained and tweaked for improved performance and holding capacity.

Disappointed with other offerings, we set out to develop a conversion that met our strict engineering and performance criteria; the kit had to use easily accessible components, with every single part being available brand new.

We offer the conversion in 2 types of kits:

  • a complete kit with all brand new components, 100% ready to bolt on containing everything required
  •  a DIY kit with just the conversion parts for those who wish to save by sourcing their own Prado parts



  • Greatly improved on road braking

  • Better off road control

  • Improved handbrake grip

  • Clears 15” wheels

  • Off Road Tough!

  • Proudly designed and made in Melbourne, Australia

  • Detailed installation instructions included

  • 100% bolt on kit

  • Economical DIY kit available

Improved Stopping Power

4 wheel disc brakes have been standard on passenger and performance cars for decades. Why compromise on your heavily loaded 4x4?


Better Heat Dissipation

Disc brakes are far superior at ejecting heat than drum brakes which makes all the difference on long descents through hilly terrain


Great Pedal Feel

Consistent and confidence inspiring performance through all driving conditions 


Excellent Wet Drainage

No more spongy brakes after water crossings or at the boat ramp


Great Towing Performance

Ideal for tradies, boaties or caravaners


Excellent Handbrake

For holding the vehicle when parked or on any incline


Easy Maintenance

Pad changes are quick, simple and cost effective. Rotors will give long service life and are also easily changed.

Disc brakes are “set and forget” unlike drum brakes which require constant adjustment


Off-the-shelf Prado Parts

Pads, rotors, hoses, even calipers and handbrake shoes are easy to source at any brake shop, 4x4 mechanic, or Toyota dealer either at home or in the bush




This kit is supplied 100% ready to bolt on with all brand new components and contains everything required for the conversion.

Included in the kit are the following brand new parts:

·       High quality RDA rotors

·       High Performance QFM 4x4 pads

·       Calipers

·       Handbrake shoes

·       Backing plates with handbrake components

·       Caliper Brackets

·       Hubcentric Rings

·       Springs and clips

·       Miscellaneous Genuine Toyota parts

·       Brake hoses

·       New bolts, studs and nuts required for the conversion