8" Billet Alloy DILDO Shift Knob

8" Billet Alloy DILDO Shift Knob

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The Ultimate JDM accessory for your import.
8 Inch Dildo Shifter
This great looking 8" long, 500 gram dildo shifter is the ultimate in shifting power.
The length gives you the thrust to command clunky old boxes, transforming any box into a pleasure to use.
Its extra length makes getting it in smoother, especially on tight boxes, and dramatically improves shifting times.
Just the right length and girth for your box.
¤ Ease Clunky Shifting

¤ Punch Through Shifts

¤ Fantastic Looking

¤ Great to Use

¤ 500 Grams of Shifting Power

¤ Easy to Install

¤ The Ultimate JDM Accessory

¤ Lightly Ribbed for Pleasure

¤ Australian Made


All Technico parts are proudly designed and made in Australia.